Let’s grow air!

Smart and self sustainable system for air purification of any home environment

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AlgiOx offers a fundamental shift of how we think about air. We’ve developed a smart indoor air purification system that’s self-sustainable. You just plug it in the wall and the process can start. The core of our device is a bioreactor containing microalgae capable of removing harmful particles and gases while producing oxygen. You might ask yourself – But couldn’t I just put trees inside? Our system is equal 5 fully grown trees, so it’s much more efficient!

Unlike commercial devices that just clean air, our system produces oxygen and has additional features such as mobile app and continuous air quality monitoring. 

Let’s grow air!



We understand your needs and provide high-quality product
Oxygen Production


Air Temperature Monitoring


Carbon Dioxide Extraction
Air Humidity Monitoring


Air Quality Monitoring
Dust Particle Removal

PM 1, PM 2.5 and PM 10

Hybrid Approach

Solar and electric power

Green Tech

Mobile App

Android & iOS

Biodegradable materials

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Our team

Our team consists of four young people who are dedicated to make our world a better place to live in. By recognizing the importance of quality of the air we breathe, we decided to use our diverse expertise in biology, engineering and business to deliver the best possible solution to your home or workplace.

Ivan Čitaković

Molecular Biologist

Mina Hasanović


Ivana Stankov

Customer Development

Jovan Jovanović

Lead Developer


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