Grow your air

Smart and self-sustainable microalgae based air generator and purifier for every indoor area.

What is AlgiOx?

AlgiOx offers a fundamental shift in how we think about the air we breathe.

It is a smart and self-sustainable indoor air purification system that uses microalgae in its core to eliminate CO2 and pollutants from the air and generate oxygen.

It is simple to use – you just plug it in the wall and the process can start, increasing the quality of your life and making you healthier.

AlgiOx device

Why indoor air quality?

Taking into consideration that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, higher than normal amounts of CO2 can lead to serious health conditions, affecting the brain, lungs, heart. The concentration, productivity, alertness, and motivation of a person depend on the quality of air.
We can choose what we eat and drink, why not have a choice when it comes to the air we breathe?

Why microalgae?

Same as plants, microalgae perform photosynthesis, with one crucial difference – they do it much more efficiently. But the full capacity of microalgae is not yet fully used. That is why AlgiOx brings this part of nature into your home or workplace.

Maximal number of days exciding

the EU regulation limit form PM2.5 Particles

35 days
Number of days the limit is excided in Belgrade
157 days
Number of days the limit is excided in Sarajevo
89 days
Number of days the limit is excided in Skoplje
189 days

What do we offer?

Oxygen Production


Air Temperature Monitoring
carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Extraction
Air Humidity Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring
Particle Removal

PM 1, PM 2.5 and PM 10

Hybrid Approach

Solar and electric power

Green Tech

mobile app
Mobile App

Android & iOS

Biodegradable materials

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Social Impact Award


Meet our team

Our team consists of four young people who are dedicated to make our world a better place to live in. By recognizing the importance of quality of the air we breathe, we decided to use our diverse expertise in biology, engineering and business to deliver the best possible solution to your home or workplace.
Ivan Citakovic
Ivan Čitaković

Product Developer

Student at the Faculty of Biology. Interested in biotechnology and its everyday use. Participates in numerous scientific researches. Loves to spend his time in nature, swim, and dive.

Mina Hasanovic
Mina Hasanović

Marketing Manager

Student at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Interested in programming and sustainability. Has work experience in event management. Loves to write and learn about art in her free time.

Ivana Stankov
Ivana Stankov

Customer Relationship Manager

Student at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. Interested in management and environmental protection. Volunteered for many organizations. Has a healthy lifestyle and reads books in her free time.

Jovan Jovanovic
Jovan Jovanović

Lead developer

Master of Engineering at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Interested in hardware and software developement. Often seen on hackathons. Loves making different electronic devices in his free time.

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